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Jared Yamanuha

HNRS snapback In4mation snapback  Notebook Flux Hawaii Magazine  Garrett Leight Sunglasses Garrett Leight Rx Glasses  "Pirates and Farmers: Essays on Taste" by Dave Hickey  "William Eggleston's Guide" "Air Guitar: Essays on Art and Democracy" by Dave Hickey on my Amazon Kindle   other books on my Kindle "Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook,...

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Margot Harrington

Top to bottom: + power cord + phone charger + purse (incl bus pass, business cards, lip gloss etc) + Chrome messenger bag is my fallback work bag since I ride almost daily. + headphones + hand cream + Rosebud salve + bone folder, thumb drive, scissors, sharpies, xacto knife + pencil bag (more...

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