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Jared Yamanuha

HNRS snapback In4mation snapback  Notebook Flux Hawaii Magazine  Garrett Leight Sunglasses Garrett Leight Rx Glasses  "Pirates and Farmers: Essays on Taste" by Dave Hickey  "William Eggleston's Guide" "Air Guitar: Essays on Art and Democracy" by Dave Hickey on my Amazon Kindle   other books on my Kindle "Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook,...

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Nick Zegel

Plastic bag full of my favorite pens, pencils & markers (Microns, Montana Paint Pens, Multi-colored Bic Ballpoint, Stabilo Felt Pens, Staedtler Pigment Liner, Pilot G-2) iPhone 4 Crap 'Beach Party' Sunglasses Lighter Pocket Change Wallet (with a couple singles and a Philadelphia Phillies debit card) Yashica T4 Super A couple rolls of film Snack...

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Will Bryant

Only NY OK hat A promo zine Folder with loose leaf drawings iPhone Ray ban clubmasters Keys Tie dye bandana for back sweat Collected works co. pouches: computer cord, receipts, and drawing pens Sticky notes Camo wallet that was my grandfather's in the 80s Klean kanteen Sketchbook 15" macbook pro Archival clothing rucksack

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