Randy Hunt

  • sunglasses
  • Macbook Pro 15″ –  Now I’m carrying a Retina Macbook Pro
  • iPad
  • Lacie external hard drive – Was carrying this at the time while referencing lots of older print projects for some Etsy work. Not carrying it anymore.
  • Trident Layers gum – This always changes. I often run out.
  • Square
  • Etsy stickers – “Valuing Craftsmanship. Keepin’ It Real.” 
  • Etsy spring look book
  • Etsy “Move to New York” booklets
  • pens – Whatever happens to be around is what ends up in my bag. I used to always have one Moleskine gridded sketchbook – I’m not carrying this anymore.
  • iPhone
  • Code as Craft stickers 
  • mbp charger – I haven’t been carrying the charger for my new laptop. One at home, one at the office,
    none in the bag.
  • keys
  • wallet – I have new wallet these days.
  • business card case
  • business cards


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