Noah Scalin


Here’s what I’m carrying in October of 2012…

In my Freitag Bag (which was a gift & custom made, thus the odd “F Your Fault” label. The bandolier is covered with buttons I’ve made/been given. I get constant comments about them when I travel.):

• Maker Notebook
• 2 Pens
• Sharpie Marker
• USB Slide Changer Remote
• 2 Rechargeable AAA Batteries for Remote
• Stack of Another Limited Rebellion Business Cards []
• Aluminum Business Card Holder
•  5 League of Space Pirates (my band!) Buttons to hand out []
• A stack of League of Space Pirates Stickers to hand out
• 3 Übercorp Stickers to hand out
• 2 Make Something 365 [] Nerd Merit Badges [] to hand out
• 2 Sets of Earbuds (you never know when you’ll need an extra pair!)
• Airplane Headphone Adaptor
• Apple Power Cord Adaptor
• Apple Monitor Adaptor
• Generic Allergy Medicine
• Bottle of generic Ibuprophen
• Packet of Tissues (from Monoprix in Paris)

*Not shown: my aging Apple laptop, to which most of the accessories listed above go, but I only actually carry it when I have to travel, cus that thing is heavy!

In my Pockets:

• Earl Gray Lip Balm from Savannah Bee Company
• Change Purse (with a broken zipper, time for a new one!)
• Tyvek Mighty Wallet
• HTC Android Phone w/cracked screen (still works!)

Hanging from a belt loop:

• Keys on a Carabiner

Sorry, I couldn’t help but include a skull as part of the layout! []

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