Jeff Rogers

1. Jack Spade Bag (since 2009. still looks brand new. Good purchase)
2. Other World Computing 750 GB external hard drive complete with sticker from Greenwich Letterpress and my entire digital life.
3. Nalgene water bottle complete with Neistat Brothers bumper sticker (since 2004. This bottle has traveled with me to the top of many a cliff)
4. Magic Rub eraser (from college. Apparently I don’t erase much.)
5. Muji mini scissors
6. Assortment of writing utensils
7. Bandana with Jon Contino type (from
8. Assortment of notebooks (J printed by Amanda Spielman. 2010 Christmas present. Thanks Amanda.)
9. Burt’s Bees lip balm (addicted)
10. Drum key (you never know)
11. Keys complete with apartment keys, car key, bike lock key, 4 GB thumb drive, Mini Munny (glow in the dark), multi-tool from Cool Material, and random piece of nylon.
12. Wedding ring aka one ring to rule them all
13. Cheap Timex watch
14. Rayban Wayfarers (since 2009)
15. iPhone 4
16. Bose ear buds
17. Business cards (I’m a business man)
18. Wallet complete with drivers license, credit/debit cards, and 0 dollars.

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