Hannah Donovan


* Marc by Marc Jacobs men’s backpack (my cycling friend, this stalwart takes a beating)
* Macbook Air in Speck case (this case has saved it many times; see damaged corners)
* Copic markers (greys and blues for sketching UI)
* Wacom Inkling (no more scanning sketches!)
* Amazon Kindle, 3rd generation (I only use this for fiction, which I only read on the go).
* iPhone 5 with lockscreen of an Abyssinian Roller bird, Natural History Museum
* A5 unruled Moleskine with Papelote notebook strap
* Copic refillable pen, 0.2 (It’s a toss up between this and Microns, but Copics have refillable
ink and replaceable nibs)
* Pentel Graphgear 1000 pencil, 0.3, H
* Oyster card with Brompton bicycle card holder (my two means of transportation)
* Thierry Lasry sunglasses (lucky day! Normally it’s an umbrella…)
* Keys with vintage Girl Guide whistle, Suck UK bottle opener, Zip Zip Lego USB stick
* Silk scarf, this one vintage Pierre Cardin (a year-round damp climate must)
* Sony MDR-V600 headphones (falling to pieces)


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