Brett MacFadden

Magazine to read while waiting for — or stuck on — San Francisco MUNI subway car.
Compact umbrella if raining. No umbrella if rain is neigh.
Morning bun from La Boulange near our studio. Also coffee from same, but not in bag.
Faculty ID from California College of the Arts.
Two uni-ball waterproof/fade-proof fine tip pens, black.
Five disposable forks: three biodegradable, two that will be around forever.
Two citri: one orange, one tangerine.
Bag of Trader Joe’s Chili Spiced Dried Mango.
Lunch consisting of one portion dirty rice, one portion salad with olives and Goddess dressing.
William Stout red and black notebook, with red pencil that has the following text on it:
“If You Can’t Make it Good — Make it Big. If You Can’t Make It Big — Make it Red.”
Nylon shopping bag from Muji. Handy for when you stop by the grocery on your way
home and your satchel is already filled with crap.


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