Julie Teninbaum

• My “water man”: the best invention of the 21st Century. I carry a frozen bottle of water with me wherever I go and this little insulated outfit, with clasps for hands, is the last remaining of the 3 I have owned. I got the original at Felissimo and can’t find another anywhere. Etsy! Save me!

• Wallet: it’s a really practical one. It has a wrist strap and you can fit a metro card in the pocket on the front.

• Baggu reusable shopping bag. This one was a gift from KnollTextiles.

• Digital camera (in the pink bag). It’s an orange Elph. I got it because of the color.

• Extra gum.

• Hair elastic. I’m always searching for one.

• Band-aid. Just in case!

• Lip gloss that tastes like mint.

•  Rhodia notebook with gridded paper for my To Do list

• BlackBerry. That’s right, I don’t have an iPhone. I know.

• Keys with color-coded tops, on a wrist strap.

• Monkey baby rattle and blingy rhinestone pacifier. There’s another pacifier in there too; clear with an orange front. The rhinestone pacifier is the baby’s “going out” one.

• Black Uni-ball pens. My favorite.

• Datebook which doubles as a scrapbook. My favorite datebook ever was from Ordning & Reda, but since they’ve closed their US shops, I’m  just making do with any old wirebound one I can find.

• iPod.

• pot of Cassis lip balm.












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