Jen Magathan

Urban Outfitters Leather Bag
H&M Black Cardigan
MUJI Mesh 4’x5′ Mesh Bag
Apple Ear Buds (1 pair)
Bose Ear Buds (1 pair)
Urbanears Headphones (Ocean)
iPhone Charger
Small Baggie of Safety Pins
Prada Reading Glasses + Case
Eye Glasses Cleaning Cloth
Black Moleskine Sketchbook
Kashi TLC Raspberry Graham Bar
HP 2GB Thumb Drive
7 Black Hair Clips
2 Black Hair Ties
Seagate 500GB Portable Hard Drive + USB
1 Urban Outfitter Wallet
1 Zebra Print Zip Bag
1 Bic Pen (Black)
1 Double Head Sharpie (Blue)
1 Pigma Micron .03 mm Fine Tip Pen (black)
1 Pair of Target Sunglasses
Charlie Card Bag
1 Pack of Orbit Sweet Mint (opened)
1 Pack of Orbit Sweet Mint (unopened)
1 Mini Hairbrush
Prescription Grade Ibuprophen
MUJI Squeeze Bottle (small) with Lotion
Blue Antique Lion Coin Purse
Denim Star Coin Purse
Small Gold Snap Coin Purse
Antibacterial Gel
Victoria Secret Lip Gloss
Mini Totes Umbrella
Set of Car Keys + House Keys








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