Jen Hazen


•       Usefulness in Small Things by Kim Colin & Sam Hecht

•       My idea of a briefcase, which contains:

•       tampons, flash drive, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter hand cream, Metrocard, headphones, Rosebud Salve, a nail file,
and a pack of Eclipse gum

•       iPhone/recycled wooden case

•       eraser

•       iPad

•       2 packs of Green Tea

•       tweezers

•       powder compact

•       protractor (for run-ins with unlined paper)

•       .5mm Pentel mechanical pencil

•       vintage Pyrex brochure (currently researching Pyrex for work. Dreamy)

•       sterling silver heart necklace

•       vintage yellow wallet

•       iPhone/iPad charger

•       small notebook

•       business cards

•       lipstick

•       sunglasses

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