Jarr Geerligs

Jarr is an Art Director at Selmore.com. In my spare time I am also a poster curator for my postersinamsterdam.com initiative, a Graphic Designer and an artist. www.jarr.nl

What he carries:

Nike NSW backpack
MacBook Pro
Bruninglove sleeve for MacBook Pro
Knomo sleeve for iPad
Leica D lux 4
Leica case for Leica D lux 4
Extra Leica battery in case
Scandisk MicroMate usb SD cardreader
iPad Camera Connection Kit
iPhone 3GS
Mosley Tribes Sylford noir sunglasses
Mosley Tribes protection case
Muji Poncho from the Moma store
Two Bandit wallets to keep banknotes and cards together
two 2 euro coins
Labello for Men active care
Less feels better usb stick
Selmore usb stick
key set for home
key set for bike
Hama lens cloth in case
Pukka tea bags
Little toothbrush/toothpick
























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