Chris Hosmer

Below are the answers to what is in my bag at the moment. Going more or less clockwise.

– Macbook Air 11″.  I love this thing.
– Muji accessory pouch with VGA adaptor, power plug, thumb drives
– Pen bag from Tokyu Hands
– Tape for drawing
– Favorite butter/milk candies from Hokkaido which I found at my local convenience store in Shanghai
– Passport size sketchbooks – Moleskine or fake Moleskine
– Hard Graft three fold bag. Such a good bag.
– Power for laptop
– Japanese felt pouch that holds camera and headphones
– Another thumb drive in the shape of a key
– China Mobile internet thing
– HDMI adaptor
– Wallet my friend Tim makes –
– iPhone
– Pens. I have sort of a pen problem. They’re all Japanese.

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