Ben Kiel


Sophie — she doesn’t travel in my bag, but is often carried up the stairs to the office.

Red & Black Muji gel pens — Red pens run my life

Wallet — Cards, sometimes cash, and my card to get into Nebula Coworking ( where my office is.


iPad — Handy for watching the Tour de France and working.

Sketchbook — Notes, thoughts, scribbles

Keys — Love the Lacie PetiteKey ( for always having a way to transfer files

Haro Coffee Grinder — Gotta have a way to turn beans from Sump (  —the shop/roaster right down the street— into the good stuff

Proportion wheel — You never know when you’ll need to make a PMT

H.B. Rouse & Co. Composing stick — Sometimes InDesign just doesn’t cut it.

120 Film — HP5 and Acros 100 — Sometimes digital just doesn’t cut it.

Typer and Lettering pencil case ( with more Muji red pens, ethernet cable, glif, another usb key, Copic wide marker, and lens pen — As a recovering Eagle Scout, I tend to be over prepared.

DVI, VGA and Ethernet adaptors — My relationship with Thunderbolt is complicated.

Opinel knife — Handy for cutting up avocados

40gb click wheel iPod — Gotta keep

Avocado — Mid-day snack.

Ultrapod — Stability is underrated.

Planet Bike Superflash — I’d rather be seen than hit.

Plaque Découpée Universelle ( — Sometimes you need an overly complicated way to stencil.

Bronica SQ-A camera — I can’t afford a digital sensor this large, so film it is.

Russian cigarettes — A gift from type designer Ilya Ruderman.

Wood type

iPhone 4S — Running Photo-Lettering (

Backup HD — One of many.

13″ Macbook Air

Not shown, Muji bag — I have an unhealthy obsession for most things Muji.

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  • Digging the old school iPod, that dog laying there is funny too haha

    August 12, 2013 at 2:09 pm

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