Jeff Staple

– Head Porter x Reed Space Backpack
– Canon S90 Camera
– Dentyne Ice Gum
– Tic Tacs
– Zinc Tablets
– Notepads (From Staple and CAA)
– Pencil
– 9-color ballpoint pen from Muji
– Felt Tip Pen
– Bedazzled Frisk Case (custom made by a friend in Tokyo.)
– Frisk Mints
– Dia Beacon small folding notepad
– Mini-USB plug
– AAA Duracell Battery
– Packable Umbrella
– iPod Radio Adaptor
– VW GTI Car Keys on Staple Floatie Keychain
– Sophnet Foldable Sunglasses
– Binder Clip that’s been modified to display iPhone for movie viewing.
– Micro SD Adaptor
– Retaw Fragrance Tablets
– iPhone Mini Mic (for impromptu interviews)
– Incase Stand for iPhone
– Document folders for paperwork
– 15″ Macbook Pro

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  1. admin wrote:

    Love your Head Porter x Reed Space Backpack and the Frisk Case! Who is your friend if you don’t mind me asking?