John Custer


Top, Right to left, like a book:

Fujifilm X100S

Best Made Co. Higo knife

Burt’s Bees lip balm

James Avery Crown of Thorns ring (from my parents when I was 16—not exactly a car)

Tiffany & Co. Square Cushion ring (my graduation ring)

iPhone 5 (currently re-reading Fahrenheit 451. I don’t carry headphones which forces myself to read more—especially in NYC)

Krink K-71 ink marker

Sharpie paint pen (medium)


Uni-Ball Vision pen (mirco)

First set of keys to my apartment, my girlfriends apartment, my parents house, and Dress Code’s office with a key Air Max 1 chain I got at my first big internship at Nike.

Pull string necklace I made in 8th grade from my closets light pull that was too long (it’s circling the second set of keys).

Second set of keys to my family’s cabin in Woodland Park, Co. that my great grandparents built in the 30s (They never leave my backpack. My mom taught me that you never know when you’ll need them.)

Tanner Good wallet

Pocket sized Moleskine.

Larger sketch book—this one’s on its last leg.

Freitag Hazzard backpack

15″ MacBook Pro Retina


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